Not all Wedding venues have in-house restaurants, so we have chosen to work with some of Tuscany’s best caterers who provide top quality service, amazing food and wines.

When couples think about their Wedding in Tuscany one of the first things they ask for is having a delicious and traditional homemade Tuscan meal, so why not try some of our caterers during your next trip to our region? They will be more than happy to host you for a tasting with a selection of dishes. From primi piatti to great T-bone steaks, they can provide local cuisine at its finest and you will have plenty of options for younger children and guests who have specific dietary requirements. They can offer a sit-down plated service or a buffet meal. We can also organise a signature cocktail celebrating your union.

Our caterers can also help you host a BBQ or even a pizza party before or after your destination Wedding in Tuscany and another extremely popular option to have at your Wedding is a traditional Gelato cart full of your chosen flavours of Italian Gelato.