Italy wedding rules coronavirus

Wedding rules and restrictions in Italy for the Covid


While are all waiting for next season to come , let’s talk about restrictions in Italy for weddings during Coronavirus.

We had amazing  ceremonies in 2021 both civil and symbolic, so no question is too much for us! Ready to know more? Let’s start:

Are weddings allowed in italy?

Yes, they are!  you only need to focus a bit more on certain Covid rules that we still have to follow. I’m sure you’ve already booked some services and most certainly a venue, so If you cancel the date you are going to loose loads of money. If you can postpone be sure that the venue you selected has an outdoor space, big enough to hold all your guests. If you have an Italian wedding planner, she’ll take care of booking all the services with the new date and send you all updated contracts. Up to two changes are normally included in your contract: if it’s the third time…..well, she will probably ask for a small fee for the extra work, but I’m sure you can negotiate.

What are current wedding restrictions in Italy?

Once we start talking about wedding rules to follow here is a list of those that you cannot forget:

  1. Wearing face masks: inside all guests have to wear face mask unless they are sitting at the table. Bride and Groom son’t have to wear face mask if they are already living together, the so called “congiunti” here in Italy. Same for guests: they don0t have to wear face masks sitting at the table if they are part of the same family or close relatives.
  2. Social distancing; this has to be respected once indoor. Think about the seating plan you are going to organize. Round table are much easier to fill once long tables can be very long, due to the fact that there must be at least one meter between every guest.
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List of Italy wedding rules and covid wedding rules

There are no more wedding rules to follow but to enable you to live your special day stress free  we only work with venues that are able to grant a Covid free stay to our guests.

All of them have hand sanitizer available at the entrance as well as in the rooms, and they will take your temperatures at check in ( no more needed outdoor and after October 30th, 2021). All the staff wears face masks and indoor spaces like the restaurant and common areas are sanitized after every use, and so very frequently.

Be REALISTIC: things change from one day to the next, so unless you are getting married in a month from today, the keyword is DON’T PANIC! Your wedding planner knows what to do and  we all hope that there will be no more wedding rules in Italy for next season. If you want to know more just drop us a few lines as we are updated on legal requirements and rules very frequently

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