Wedding rules and restrictions in Italy for the Covid

Your wedding planner may have already changed date twice. Some of you already have changed the venue because your dream one was no longer available. We are all waiting for better times to come, but in the meantime we keep checking the web to read about restrictions in Italy for weddings during Coronavirus.

We still managed to hold some ceremonies during 2020, both civil and symbolic, so no question is too much for us! Ready to know more? Let’s start:

  • If you don’t want to stress until the last moment, then it may be better to think about postponing. I’m sure you’ve already booked some services and most certainly a venue, so If you cancel the date you are going to loose loads of money. Most of the suppliers will grant you the same prices unless the new location requires lots of changes. They’ll be more than happy to have the date booked for next year too without loosing your service. If you have an Italian wedding planner, she’ll take care of booking all the services with the new date and send you all updated contracts. Up to two changes are normally included in your contract: if it’s the third time…..well, she will probably ask for a small fee for the extra work, but I’m sure you can negotiate.

  • Think about changing the weekend to a midweek date: most of the venues are already fully booked for 2021 weekends but they will be more than happy to offer you a special rate to fill the empty days between the weekends. Moreover, you’ll have a wider choice of suppliers available for the new dates as, like venues, most will be fully booked for the wedding.

  • COVID FREE VENUE: we only work with venues that are able to grant a Covid free stay to our guests. All of them have hand sanitizer available at the entrance as well as in the rooms, and they will take your temperatures at check in. You’ll be asked to wear a face mask in common spaces and respect the maximum number of people allowed inside. All the staff wear face masks and indoor spaces like the restaurant and common areas are sanitized after every use, and so very frequently. I know it’s not as you’ve dreamt, but it’s the only way to prevent the virus from spreading.

  • Covid Restrictions : this is one of the rules that change the most even between regions. In Southern Italy, some regions allowed weddings of up to 100 people this summer ( that was considered a small wedding for this region, like a little family affair, having only 100 people 😉 …) but in Tuscany we were allowed up to 15 indoors and 25 outdoors. The last wedding I had (click here to read more) had 18 guests and they were seated outside even in October. This couple really wanted to get married and they didn’t cancel any of the reservations until the last moment so they were able to do it in Tuscany as they always wanted. Normally the distance is 1,50 mt every two people and 1 meter if seated at dinner, so be aware that you might need a longer table than the one you’ve

  • Be REALISTIC: things change from one day to the next, so unless you are getting married in a month from today, the keyword is DON’T PANIC! Your wedding planner knows what to do and if you don’t have one….well..what, you don’t have one??

Would you like to organise your wedding in Tuscany in complete safety?

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