Getting married in tuscany in fall

When you imagine your wedding you don’t surely think about getting married in tuscany in Fall or exactly on halloween day, but this is what I’m going to talk about today: a couple or even more reasons to get married during autumn season.

First of all, I LOVE fall: I’m of course blessed to live in a nice romantic country were colors change a lot in a short period. Leaves go from green to brown to yellow and reddish in the blink of an eye leaving us time for nice pictures that are only waiting to be sticked on your wedding album.
Venue Choice: it will be surely easier for you to find availability at the end of the season. I’m having problems now in finding venues for next summer and some places have already started selling their 2019 availability so good for you to know: low season and good/best price!
Fall weather: of course the problem of a rainy day is to be consider but think that most of the venues have always a plan B included. If not a marquee or a romantic gazebo will be perfect to host your guest for dinner and dancing.
ATHMOSPHERE: this period is great not just for colors but also for decorations! Think about orange/brownish shades, sunset light, pumpkins, wood berries and pine cones. They can give you plenty of inspiration to create your own palette for the reception and also for the dinner table: here you can use these natural elements and mix them with white or lightly colored candles and why not, fruit and small vegetables to obtain natural effect.
If you want to entertain also your smallest guests what’s better than using “halloween themed” candies and lollypop to create a table only for them . You can also use lollypops as table names and it’s easy to create them by yourself as it’s explained in this pin ( I know I always talk about Pinterest but if you follow my blog you surely know I can’t live without ;-).
PERFECT LIGHT: as I wrote before I love this finishing soft touch  that autumn light gives to pictures. Be sure to have an early wedding so you can enjoy sunlight before the dinner and take advantage of the what beautiful natures offers around you.

Light and colors makes these pics awesome!


BOUQUET: one of the 2 central things the wedding in terms of decoration is bouquet. Of course feel free to do something classic but why not incorporate some elements of the decoration in your flowers? So go with reddish, brownish flowers like dahlias, roses, and also orange, green and rusty green. Using some branches together with berries will give your bouquets this messed touch that got the look right now!
CAKE :what’s better than the dessert? A friend of mine says that “desserts word is stressed spelled backwards” so choose your favourite taste, can be creamy, chocolate or fruity and go with your fantasy to decorate it . While just icing sugar or fruits or berries or pumpkin shape, your cake will be the perfect finishing touch to a memorable day!

A real winter wedding in Florence

Have you just started planning your wedding in Tuscany, perhaps in Florence but have no idea of where  to start?? I’m sure this post will give you a lot of hints of what to do next.

Doesn’t matter where you come from, if you are british, you come from the Us, New zealand or Siena, simply ask a friend who got married there and when you start talking about document required they’ll all show the same face :”WHAAAT? Are you really going to do it all by yourself? No kidding, will be a nightmare!!”

This is what most of the people are told when facing with italian bureaucracy. Speaking with some colleagues we always tell us about our stories in the different town halls ,with civil officer and while some of them are extremely helpful and try to make your couple feel relaxed even if they have no passport to show, most of them if not all:

1) don’t speak a single word of english and refuse to understand anything that doesn’t sound italian.

2) have no idea of what office hours are and can go for a coffee even 5 minutes before the ceremony begins  ( happened to me next May…)

3) can switch office, close the door to work without anybody else disturbing them and decide that all the papers you’ve prepared for the most important day of your life can wait until before the wedding day to be processed (if you don’t believe it have a look at this review)

WEB - 001

So with the lovely picture of this Christmas tree in the main square of Fiesole, think a lot before starting doing all the legal side by your own and above all start inquire for a good wedding planner!! Whan I received Alexandra’s email I thought, oh my God, the town hall will never accept a wedding on December 23rd but this exactly what they did!

Fiesole's terrazza
Fiesole’s terrazza
A kiss with a view
A kiss with a view


They arrived just a few days before in order t one able to get the doucemts at the American Embassy by the lungarno: once we had our precious declaration we headed straight onward to the town hall with my car: I was driving like a crazy to get there before 12am when the office close. I’m really lucky because the girls working there are fantastic and more important than this they are used to deal with couple arriving late due to the times of offices !!!

Anyway on the following day they got married inside the Council room as the chilly temperatures didn’t allowed us to stay outside . As they choose this lovely city the Deputy gave them tickets to visit the Roman Theatre who’s just a few steps far from the town hall. They got there with a couple of friends to take some pictures before heeding back to Via Tornabuoni where they had a lunch booked. The talented photographer, Sebastian Bonacchi was there to help them capturing this special moment and if you like to see more pictures just scroll down. I’m sure you will love his style and if you are thinking about getting married in Florence, Fiesole cold be the right choice for you! WEB - 152WEB - 142WEB - 134WEB - 121WEB - 109WEB - 089

Legal requirements for a civil wedding in Italy

Having to deal with italian bureaucracy is never easy, above all when you have to understand their way of work and don’t know a single word of italian….. this is what wedding planners are for. Your wedding planner should be able to guide you through the different steps of obtaining the legal requirements for your civil wedding before the “most important day of your life” gets closer.

I’ve had so many brides panicking after contacting Embassies, consulates and lawyer that it will take me a full day to write a post so I’ll just tell you about one I had in July: first time Sonia called me I was having another wedding . Of course told her to write me an email as I couldn’t help her in that moment but I was very curious as she was really crying hard at the telephone… so as soon as I came back home, late night, I had a look at my email and oh my God….! she was  going to get married in 2 months!! They choose one of the most romantic places in Chianti,  a church wedding with more than 100 guests and she had just discovered that she couldn’t do it because her husband already got married by the church in LA!!!

She was italian living abroad and her beloved had Dutch citizenship, living in London with her and still had not registered his divorce in Italy: looked like a hard work but at the end and after couple of visits to priests and local Curia office ( the church office dealing with documents in Italy), we were lucky to obtain the famous Dispensa Arcivescovile ( a kind of document issued by the Bishop) in time for the wedding. Of course this was just  the religious side: as they also wanted the wedding to have legal validity she had to go through the Italian Consulate in London to obtain the famous “Pubblicazioni” document and he had to do the same through the Dutch consulate in Rome to get his precious nulla-osta-olanda. Please, if you are thinking of doing the same be prepared to wait a minimum of 1 month as normally Consular documents can take from 1 to 4 months depending on the country of origin.

At the end the Italian Consular section was very kind and they sent all the papers to the townhall in Chianti in time for the wedding to take place but thinking about how stressful all the wedding process has been for the poor Sonia I’l highly recommend you to : 1) ask at least 8 months before the wedding what are the documents required for your country; 2) After confirming this with the townhall you are supposed to get married in, ask how much time in advance do they need the documents. 3) Investigate very well about the life of you husband to be 😉 This is something that even the best  wedding planner cannot help you to deal with!!!

Lots of love and kisses xx


PS should you have more doubts about legal requirements, my post Legal requirements for civil weddings in Italy is still good. I’m going to write a new one about other nationalities soon so stay tuned!


Timeline for a tuscan wedding!

For most brides, that long road from the moment he pops the question to the moment you both start planning your tuscan wedding can seem like a never ending one that’s full of tulle, peonies, countless vendors and deadlines. The planning process can be daunting to some and downright horrifying to the procrastinators. This is why the team at Adorn invitations have put together a comprehensive timeline to make your planning just that little bit smoother so keep reading to find out their favourite tips and tricks. You’re welcome girls.

Sort out your budget in the early days and not just your overall figure. Do your research and know how much of your money you want to allocate to every service and vendor. This will be a huge help down the road and ensure that you still have some cash left at the end of all this. Follow this formula for an easy guide –

48 to 50 percent of total budget to reception
8 to 10 percent for flowers
8 to 10 percent for attire
8 to 10 percent for entertainment/music
10 to 12 percent for photo/video
2 to 3 percent for invites; 2 to 3 percent for gifts
8 percent for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator.

Keep an extra 5-10% of your budget tucked away for any extra expenses like reprinting additional invites.
Put your beauty on trial.
Hair, makeup, nails and especially fake tan are important to trial. Not only will trials make sure you’re happy with the final look but it also gives you a chance to experiment with different hair styles, lip colours etc. This will also help you to avoid looking like a tangerine on your wedding day (go easy on the tan.)
Have some fun with your wedding appointments.
Over the year – you’re going to be swimming in appointments. Whether it’s to decide what flavored
filling you’ll have in your cake, tours of potential venues or whether to have fish or chicken – make sure you go into these appointments and have fun! Make a day of it and enjoy the occasions.

MMIT present Adorn wedding invitations

Once  you’re decided for a destination wedding and found that Marry me in Tuscany is your wedding planner it’s time to start thinking about sending invitations!!

First step will be sending save the date cards: for all these couples planning a destination wedding this is really an important part of the process as it will give your guests the idea of the theme of your special day. Moreover they’ll know when and will start saving pennies for the big day a lot in advance!!!As destination wedding planners we are rarely involved with helping couples choose their wedding invitations but as professional “helpers” we are very often asked about help with theme or colors that will have to remind about the style of the venue, of the city or simply something typical of the region like here sunflowers or  olive branches.

I just had the opportunity of visiting a couple of wedding fairs in Italy and Uk  where I took some pictures of wedding invitations, from simple ones to very trendy


but one I really loved was this one in black and white paper with matching black bow around


invitation brown lace

most of them like these are very elegant but to be honest I really like something more  coloured for this day like this romantic one with birds hidden under a paper tree laser cut sheet.

invitation cage brids

I just had the opportunity browsing my favorite app (Pinterest) to know Eloise from Adorn invitation  a company specialized in wedding invitations based in London who sent me the preview of a great work they’ve done for the famous actress of Ugly Betty and Desperate housewives, Vanessa Williams.



Vanessa Williams and now-husband Jim Skrip first discovered Adorn Invitations on Pinterest whilst gathering wedding inspiration. The couple loved Adorn’s invitations so much that they got in contact with the London- based design company straight away to see if they could help create a custom invitation with matching wedding stationary.
The Adorn team took this as a great opportunity to showcase their full design abilities; and after gaining as much information and inspiration about the couple and their wedding details as possible, the team got straight to work. With the knowledge that Vanessa and Jim met in Egypt, and were therefore basing their wedding
theme around that exotic destination, Adorn compiled hundreds of colour, texture and pattern combinations to pitch to the couple. Mood boards were created and continuous samples were sent to the couple, along with endless amounts of back and forth communication, before coming to a final design decision.
Vanessa had shared so many of her wedding details with the Adorn team that they were able to match the couple’s wedding invitations perfectly to reflect the soon-to-be extravagant wedding. The laser cut design on the front of the invitation was a pattern replication from one of Vanessa’s wedding gowns, the theme colors of gold and Marsala complimented the flower centrepieces and table décor that were to be present on their special day, and the 14-carat gold plated lotus leaf that was hand-applied to every single invitation was designed to reflect the lotus leaf that Jim had incorporated in Vanessa’s personally designed engagement ring.
Adorn approach every custom design order with this amount of commitment; which is why regardless of the couple, their invitations are always strikingly unique! With the permission of many couples, Adorn have made some of their previous custom designs available to the public, which has added to their already impressive vast range of invitations. After working with so many different couples the Adorn team have mastered the art of predicting invitation trends, regardless of the time of year.
Outdoor weddings are always extraordinarily popular throughout Spring and Summer; with this in mind Adorn have created a range of stunning laser cut pockets that reflect glorious natural settings. These pockets then house inner cards with romantic floral designs in a range of different colours, or can frame a simplistic singular background colour. The Adorn team strive to impress their customer which is why they deem pop-up invitations as one of their favourite styles. Pop-up invitations are so intricate and unique that any guest receiving them will be blown away by the technique and effort that goes into producing every single one of these invites.
Another style that Adorn raves to be extremely popular is the combination of rustic themes with elegant metallic. Rustic weddings are suitable for any time of year, and can be celebrated in any form of venue – inside or out. Brown textured craft paper is an effortless way to add a rustic vibe to any invitation; the earthy colour
and texture is a perfect reflection of the countryside theme. Contrasting this carefree look with a classy foiled print, and vintage white lace-styled laser cut, really do prove that opposites attract!IMG_39612
Adding a 3D embellishment such as twine or ribbon will bring any invitation to the next level! Elements that encourage your guests to physically feel your invitation, rather than just look at it, are more likely to evoke their senses and expand their appreciation for the effort that you, and your designers, have gone to in creating such a beautiful piece of artwork.
Much Like Vanessa and Jim, the Adorn team know that modern couples want every single item of their wedding stationary to completely match. Continuity has never been more important throughout a wedding which is why Adorn have ensured that all of their invitations offer at least 12 matching accessory cards per invitation design. Keeping your wedding stationary matching looks professional, and allows one to leave a memorable impression of their wedding theme that guests are sure to never forget!

MMIT presents a new wedding venue

When you are a wedding planner it’s quite normal that during low season you take advantage of your free time to visit some new venues: new managers, new services ( spas, bigger restaurants, gym rooms ) and new rooms as sometimes the new property decide to change the style of the venue for something more stylish.

One of the last I’ve been visiting is Villa Gianluca, a lovely farmhouse converted in a perfect wedding location:Villa Gianluca main entrance the main building called Leopoldina has 5 double rooms all decorated in pure tuscan country style with wood ceilings and terra-cotta all over the rooms.

Double room Leopoldina
Double room Leopoldina
Bridal suite, upper floor
Bridal suite, upper floor

On the ground floor the big breakfast room is the place where guests can enjoy the homemade cakes of mamma Lucy, owner of the estate. These 2 rooms can be converted in a perfect space for a wedding dinner up to 70 people  in case a plan B is needed.

Breakfast room ground floor
Breakfast room ground floor

Outside you have at your disposal 2 swimming pools, a very nice one with 2 gazebo (one for each apartment)  to lay down under the sun and a bigger one close to the covered area that you can also use for an pre-wedding dinner with friends.

garden swimming pool
garden swimming pool

swimming pool down below the gardens

Outdoor you have 2 covered areas that are suitable for a romantic ceremony: one under a green arch on the top of the pool and one directly in front of the pool suitable for smaller groups.

Wood oven for the real pizza!
Wood oven for the real pizza!

Lounge area main garden

The owner is one of the friendliest persons I have ever met and no request is too much for him: feel free to ask for an advice of where to go for a romantic dinner with your husband to be or a visit to a spa to pamper your self the day before the wedding. There’s one positive point of this venue that sometimes I have to hide to future husbands: it’s only 5 minutes away from the biggest tuscan mall, the Valdichiana Outlet so perhaps worth a visit during your day trips around!!

If you are looking for a civil ceremony the closest town hall is Lucignano that is also one of my favorites: their Sala Consiliare is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen and their prices are really worth a visit to the Valdichiana. What else? If you are thinking about getting married in Tuscany with a reasonable budget just drop me an email and I’ll be glad to send you more info about this exclusive property!!

Marry Me In Tuscany is evolving…

For many years Marry Me In Tuscany has been my baby, I have nurtured it and let it grow into a well respected business which has allowed me over the years to meet and work with some amazing people from all over the world,  some of whom have remained fast friends and for that I shall be eternally grateful.

I really did enjoy my time in Tuscany, considering I set out to stay for a couple of years I did well creating a business from an idea and living and working in the some of most beautiful breath taking places on the planet for the last 12 years.

But now it’s time for me to move on to a new chapter in my life,  new projects and a brand new country to play in. Lots of wonderful things have happened to me in the past two years, I re-connected with my first true love and high school sweetheart Roger and although we had been separated for 30 years a chance email and months of chatting and texting led to a cute meet in Rome “the Eternal city of love”  where  love was definitely in the air and we both knew that we never wanted to let the other one go again.

And so, last year I moved to Canada and the wedding planner finally got to plan her own wedding!  😉

We were married  in March this year and I can truly say I have never been happier. I now know how all my brides have felt as they say “I do” to the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. I’m sure some of you would like to see the evidence, so here are a few photos from our big day from our fab photographer, Jayme Morrison and  if you’d like to see more, they can be found on her blog  😉


Marry me in T uscany Founder Jackie Bradshaw, Wedding planner, Wedding Planner Tuscany.
Roger & Jackie – Just Married! 😉

Marry me in Tuscany founder Jackie Bradshaw, Wedding planner Tuscany

Marry Me in Tuscany founder Jackie Bradshaw, wedding planner Tuscany
A small intimate fun wedding at home.

It is with some sadness but also a lot of joy  that I’m handing over Marry Me In Tuscany to Hewelin Vanni. I know it will be in very capable hands and will continue to grow and evolve with her at the helm. Hewelin has many years experience working in the event industry and has helped me in the past with some fabulous weddings. I know that couples looking to get married in Tuscany will be in very capable hands.

I’d like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone for making Marry Me in Tuscany a success, I truly couldn’t have done it without my dedicated team of suppliers, helpers, friends and family and of course to all the Brides and Grooms, all you fabulous couples that chose to get married in Tuscany and asked me to help you. It was so much fun and half the time with many of you didn’t seem like work at all!

Hewelin I wish you every success as you embark on your adventure with Marry Me In Tuscany, I  know that you will continue to offer a very high quality personal service to couples with the same spirit that I set out with all those years ago.

Jackie x