Wedding during Corona Virus

HewelinJune 30, 2020
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Is it possible to celebrate a wedding during Corona Virus period? Yes, it is! Let’s see which are the rules to celebrate a wedding in these 4 months that remain of the wedding season.

Number one ( and perhaps) most important: number of guests!

Referring to the last DPCM of the Prime Minister :  the maximum number of guests allowed to a wedding is 15. The situation here is changing everyday and things are really getting better for weddings in Tuscany so hopefully we will be allowed to celebrate weddings with more guests in a few weeks, but as by now only elopement or small family weddings are allowed!

Number 2: social distancing!

We are still required to keep social distances between each guests that have to be maintained also during dinner and dancing. The distance is right now 1,80mt. This doesn’t apply outside as the distance allowed is 1 meter .

Number 3: masks in wedding during Corona Virus!

We still have to wear masks inside and I understand that this is not very nice for your wedding pictures. I had a ceremony where the bride and groom had planned since so many months their special day that they didn’t wanted to cancel and had some special masks sewn especially for them that were matching their flowers decoration. A nice idea and a thing that they wore only during ceremony but never during the pictures or dinner.

Of course, all of this refers to civil and religious weddings so ceremonies that will take place inside town halls or  churches. If you are planning to have a symbolic wedding don’t worry, just talk with your venue and see how they can arrange your party in the best way for dinner and party.
I’m sure everybody will try to help you and find the better solution to have a memorable day!

If you are still in doubt and are not 100% convinced that this is the best moment for you to get married in Tuscany or your guests dont’t feel comfortable travelling abroad for such a important date, well perhaps postponing is the best solution. Try to get in touch with your venue and  check if they still have dates available for next year.  The deposit you have paid will be on hold for your next date and you will have some more months to plan your special day without any stress.

Some weddings lived during this period

I do have wedding planned for next July 17 and will surely post one pictures real time to show how people will handle it: they are coming from Australia especially to get married in Tuscan and instead of having a great party they suddenly decided to invite only 10 people in order to be able to celebrate anyway in this favorite town hall! And as they didn’t wanted to go through the planning process again, they decided to hire me as  wedding planner and I’m sure everything  will run smoothly and stress free so they can have their wedding during Corona Virus period.

Stay tuned if you want to see some more pictures, I’ll be happy to share them on Instagram soon!


    1. Dear Jemma, thanks for your comment on my post! Yes, it is all 100% true as all pictures showed on the post and all posts in my blog. We like to share only our real weddings done in Tuscany and Umbria that is where we work. That wedding was in September as the moment allowed us to celebrate outside. At the moment we can still celebrate ceremonies even if smaller but I0'm sure with good season coming and a bit more vaccines that there will be even more freedom to welcome our couples in Tuscany!
      XOXO Hewelin MMIT

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