Italian documents

Have you just started planning your wedding in Tuscany, perhaps in Florence. You have no idea of where  to start?? I’m sure this post will give you a lot of hints of what to do next.

Doesn’t matter where you come from, if you are british, you come from the Us, New Zealand or Siena. Simply ask a friend who got married there and when you start talking about document required… They’ll all show the same face :”WHAAAT? Are you really going to do it all by yourself? No kidding, will be a nightmare!!”

This is what most of the people are told when facing with italian bureaucracy. Speaking with some colleagues we always tell us our stories in the different town halls,with civil officer. While some of them are extremely helpful and try to make your couple feel relaxed even if they have no passport to show, most of them are not at all:

1) don’t speak a single word of English and refuse to understand anything that doesn’t sound italian.

2) have no idea of what office hours are and can go for a coffee even 5 minutes before the ceremony begins  ( happened to me next May…)

3) can switch office, close the door to work without anybody else disturbing them and decide that all the papers you’ve prepared for the most important day of your life can wait until before the wedding day to be processed (if you don’t believe it have a look at this review)

Winter wedding atmophere

So with the lovely picture of this Christmas tree in the main square of Fiesole. Think a lot before starting doing all the legal side by your own and above all start inquire for a good wedding planner!! Whan I received Alexandra’s email I thought, oh my God, the town hall will never accept a winter wedding on December 23rd but this exactly what they did!

They arrived just a few days before in order to be able to get the documets at the American Embassy by the Lungarno. Once we had our precious declaration we headed straight onward to the town hall with my car. I was driving like a crazy to get there before 12am when the office close. I was really lucky because the girls working there were fantastic. More important than this they are used to deal with couple arriving late due to the times of offices !!!

Anyway, on the following day they got married inside the Council room as the chilly temperatures didn’t allowed us to stay outside . As they choose this lovely city the Deputy gave them tickets to visit the Roman Theatre. It is just a few steps far from the town hall. They got there with a couple of friends to take some pictures before heeding back to Via Tornabuoni where they had a lunch booked.
The talented photographer, Sebastian Bonacchi was there to help them capturing this special moment. If you like to see more pictures just scroll down. I’m sure you will love his style! If you are thinking about getting married in Florence, Fiesole cold be the right choice for you!