Siena is a city full of charm and magic: the medieval palaces, historic monuments, its narrow streets, wine, food, people and colors of the lush surrounding countryside.

If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Tuscany, Siena is the perfect location for a destination wedding.

Can you imagine the charm of your wedding in Siena?
Read on and the reality will overcome the imagination.

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    1. 5 reasons to get married in Siena

    1. Religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Siena

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    1. Wedding venues in Siena Italy

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Piazza del Campo, Siena Italy

5 reasons to get married in Siena

Getting married in Siena is an authentic experience for your senses and those of your guests.
If you still have doubts, here are five reasons to get married in Siena:

1. Siena is the medieval city par excellence, one of the most fascinating in Tuscany. it is within walking distance, in fact you can explore it all on foot.

2. With its central location, Siena is the ideal place to discover Tuscany, enjoy the city and historic villages such as San Gimignano, Montepulciano or Pienza, taste Tuscan delicacies and wines.

3. Siena Cathedral, one of Europe’s Gothic masterpieces, perfect place of worship for a dream religious ceremony.
Siena has as many as two airports nearby: 1 hour from Florence, about 2 hours from Pisa.
Siena offers a mild climate for as many as seven months of the year, from April to October.


Religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Siena

Known as Europe’s Gothic masterpiece, with its black-and-white striped marble interior, golden dome and ornate facade, the Duomo of Siena (the cathedral) is a very special place to celebrate religious wedding ceremonies. Beginning in the 14th century, the splendid Gothic cathedral has been filled with numerous works of art by Italy’s greatest painters, sculptors and architects.

The floor of Siena Cathedral is also magnificent, featuring figured marble panels depicting religious scenes. Siena Cathedral is undoubtedly the most important church in the city, where large weddings are celebrated and where marriages of non-residents are allowed.

No wonder many couples want to get married in Siena Cathedral. Of all the churches that can be admired and visited in the city, the Duomo is one of the most spectacular. Couples choose this church not only for its beauty and architectural value, but also because it is in the center of the city, and close to beautiful reception venues.

Do you desire an exclusive wedding? So, Siena and its majestic Cathedral are the right choice for you.


Are weddings in Siena expensive?

The Tuscan countryside – Siena and its surroundings in particular – is undoubtedly the most fascinating place for a destination wedding in Italy. It is where you will find numerous beautiful villas, castles, farmhouse and borghi, far from the city hustle.

Those looking for a memorable wedding should choose from among the most elegant wedding venues in the Sienese countryside.

But, sometimes the budget issue intimidates couples. Many people think that getting married in Siena costs a lot and therefore give up to their dream before they even have all the useful information.

In reality, the cost of a wedding in Tuscany can vary greatly and depends on several factors.
If you want to know more about it, I discuss it in this article.

Wedding venues in Siena Italy

If I had to list all the fantastic venues where I have had the honor of planning weddings, one article would not be enough. All of Tuscany, and in particular Siena and the Chianti area, is full of fantastic wedding venues: villas, mansions and farmhouses.

Below you will find a small selection of some wedding venues in and around Siena.


Villa Dino

Villa Dino is an exclusive country resort in close proximity to Siena.
This beautiful property is structured in different areas. Gardens with ancient trees, terraces, a relax area with two pools and a bar; a restaurant, a wine cantina, rooms, suites and apartments characterized by Tuscan furniture to welcome guests even after the ceremony. All rooms offer beautiful views of the olive groves and vineyards surrounding the estate.

The in-house restaurant offers delicious Tuscan dishes and uses seasonal ingredients from its own vegetable garden and local farms. The authentic and recently restored winery is also available for your wedding and creates an unforgettable experience with its historic atmosphere.

In addition, if you would like a civil ceremony, Siena City Hall is easily accessible. Or you can celebrate your symbolic or religious blessing in the gardens of this venue.


Casa Claudia

This beautiful farmhouse, once a monastery, is located not far from Siena and is surrounded by vineyards.

Every corner in this venue lends itself to a wedding shoot: the road lined with tall cypress trees leading up to the farmhouse, the infinity pool from which there are spectacular panoramic views of the hills in the distance.
The lawn next to the main building is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception.
The property consists of six modern, tastefully furnished apartments that can accommodate your destination wedding guests. The farmhouse offers guests wine tastings and a tour of the vineyards.

At night the entire farmhouse is illuminated by beautiful lights creating a truly characteristic atmosphere.


Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is really within walking distance of beautiful Siena and in the center of the Val d’Orcia.
This beautiful venue dates back to approximately the IX century as does the small church next to the building.

Villa Carlotta has been recently restored and is perfectly suited for a wedding reception. The interior halls with beamed ceilings and stone walls provide an elegant and contemporary setting. The panoramic terraces, courtyard or lemon house lend themselves to outdoor aperitifs.

Planning your wedding at this villa also means being able to taste the delicious cuisine of Carlotta, a chef renowned throughout Italy.


Villa Catignano

Villa Catignano was the venue for the marriage of Jade and Jamie, a wonderful couple who hired me for the entire planning of the most important day of their lives.

Read on, I will tell you about it in detail in the next paragraph.


Jade and Jamie’s wedding at Villa Catignano in Siena

When Jade and Jamie called me to organize their wedding in Tuscany I was aware that they had already booked one of the most wonderful villas in Tuscany, Villa Catignano.

Nestled in the heart of Chianti, Villa Catignano is a magnificent 17th-century villa. Its classic beauty creates the perfect setting for an exclusive Tuscan wedding.
Villa Catignano is framed by the Italian Garden and the so-called English Woods. And among the olive groves, the Viale dei Cipressi leads to the swimming pool area, from which there are breathtaking views of Siena and its surroundings.

As we started emailing more than two years before the wedding we had plenty of time to organize any detail of the different moments.

They wanted a big wedding with all their family and friends and the whole event lasted three days: all guests arrived at the Villa from Pisa and Florence airports with a private shuttel service and for their welcome dinner they had a nice pizza party in the cottages garden. Aurora catering prepared pizza from the oven in the garden while the guests enjoyed watching a movie on a screen in the garden.

On the wedding day the bridal party went to Jade’s suite to help her gettig ready for the big moment: it was a quite relaxed moment, they had breakfast delivered in the suite and there was also tiem for some glasses of Prosecco! Jamie and his bestmen went to take some pictures in the living rooms covered with frescoes, this is one of the rooms I like the most!

As the weather was perfect we were in time and the guests started sit down as planned: when Jade came off from the Villa she was stunning in her bridal dress.

The civil ceremoy held with th Pastor was very emotional and just after saying “I do” the couple was ready to go arond and take some pictures with the photographer Andre Corsi.



The aperitif was served in the Renaissance garden and all guests enjoyed the variety of Tuscan nibbles and the canapes served by the waiters.


But the time to sit down for dinner arrived and the couple wanted to start this special moment with a speech: the table and all the grounds were finely decorated from Agriflor. The palette of colors choosen by Jade went from white to beige and from light lilac to brownish with lots of roses and lysiantus matching perfectly with the long stem candles.


The dinner was served under a ceiling of string lights in the Villa courtyard but the best moment arrived when the bride changed her dress to get into the dancing area! The band started playing disco music and the open bar organized by Eventin provided great cocktails to keep all guests dancing. Bride and Groom asked specoifically to have a neon light in the dancing area with “The Beasons-Brown” written and it was really a nice touch added to the athmosphere. It was a really magical night and I am sure that not just Jade and Jamie but all the guests will rememebr it forever!



Your wedding planner in Siena


In conclusion, whatever the style of your wedding Siena and the surrounding countryside can offer you many wonderful venues where you can organize a memorable wedding for you and all your guests.

Choosing a location based on your needs – style and budget – can be a stressful task for the couple.

Having a experienced Siena wedding planner by your side is an invaluable benefit. It means relying on a professional who is qualified in wedding event planning, knows the area perfectly and has a good network of suppliers.


Tell me about your dream wedding.
I will be able to understand your wishes and find a suitable venue for your couple.