Last summer I was honored to celebrate a family wedding. It was one of the funniest I’ve ever had with one of the photographers I love to work the most: Domenico Costabile. Megan and Dillon chose to get married in Tuscany, in a beautiful Villa in Valdambra. This place was special because Megan’s family has rented since she was a young girl.

Their family and closest friends decided to join them. This happy event was a celebration that lasted 3 days, full of food and happiness!
Megan’s mom visited Tuscany in early December. She met the caterer and viewed the church where the couple would be married. The family was delighted with the quantity of food prepared for them, so much so that they couldn’t finish even half of the meat! The Villa they choose is close to one of the most beautiful romanic churches of the area. Don Pierluigi recommended us and anEnglish speaking priest. He helped Megan and Dillan in preparing their order of service giving hints for the readings too.

Their summer wedding finally arrive

Time flew and before they knew it they were in Italy to start preparing their documents. After a few days spent in and out of offices to take care of the legalities,Megan and Dillon were ready to be married. Finally their special day arrived. The couple rented a house in Valdambra for all the guests to stay. The ceremony was held in August in a stunning church with beautiful floral arrangements of olive tree and white roses.

Once they came back to the Villa all the guests were having some yummy appetizers. It was a typical Tuscan al fresco aperitif. Wedding aperitif and dinner were served from Cappelli Catering. They arranged fried bites, typical conducts and cheese, canapés and a mozzarella corner to die for! Then the married couple wanted to have 2 first courses: ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese with sage and butter plus some pics noodles with meat sauce.

Their day was full of sunshine, good food, happiness, friends and family.They had an incredible time in Italy and  their wedding day ended with a disco until late into the evening.
I’m sure their families will never forget this nice day in Tuscany and sure you’ll enjoy seeing their pics down below.
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