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HewelinJanuary 18, 2011
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Wedding cakes play such an important part of the wedding and is possibly the most photographed part of the day! It’s the perfect end to the wedding breakfast just before the fun begins and the couple take to the floor for their first dance as Mr & Mrs….

Italian wedding cakes are so different from the traditional wedding cakes  in the UK, we’ve all been to weddings at home where the cake looks beautiful, is fabulous for the photos but sadly no one eats it, such a waste and they are so expensive. Thank goodness couples are deciding that the fruit cake has had it’s day!

I love the fact that wedding cakes in Italy are so light and delicious and a perfect end to a delicious meal, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t like them, usually everyone eats them and more often than not will also ask for seconds!

Tuscany wedding cake: do you like it in fruit or chocolate?

The traditional Italian wedding cake is a Millefoglie (a thousand leaves) made of layers of puff pastry with Chantilly cream and strawberries or you could go for the chocolate chips! Is your mouth watering yet? Or you could have a sponge base with Chantilly cream and topped with lots of colourful fruit like Helen & Nick did last August……not only do the taste good they look wonderful too!

Whatever your choice the chances are it’s going to be big! Italians love putting on a show and the cake is certainly going to steal the show when it’s carried out. Check out the one below, which Amy & Luke had at their Tuscan wedding in a villa near Siena, the size of it even surprised me…

The trend for 2011 in the UK seems to be BIG cakes something Italians have been doing for years and thankfully not a pedestal in sight!

But I’m happy to report that they have stolen an idea for wedding cakes from us and are starting to have cup cakes at their weddings. Although, it’s still rather difficult to find an Italian “pasticceria” who doesn’t look at you as though you have gone completely mad when asking for them, assuming of course that you can actually make him understand what it is you’re looking for, which is where a good wedding planner comes in, I know exactly where to go for the best cakes and not just traditional Italian ones so when you ask for cup cakes you’re not met with a hearty laugh and  “what in Italy??”

If you don’t want to have a traditional Italian wedding cake at your Tuscan wedding don’t loose heart  I have a secret a wonderful gal that can create the most amazing cakes that will leave you all licking your lips!  Melanie is an American living in Italy who makes the most fabulous wedding cakes imaginable, she makes the lightest cup cakes with thousands of flavours and toppings and frostings to chose from.

This cup cake tower was done for Ali and Ade last October, as Ade is a graphic designer he and Ali designed all the stationary for the wedding including the cupcake wrappers, they came out and had a tasting to chose their favourite flavours and toppings and then my best kept secret, set about creating a theme to go with the stationary. As you can see the result was amazing.

But she doesn’t just do cup cakes, she makes the most amazing wedding cakes, elaborate cakes with intricate designs which match your wedding theme and can even reproduce the lace from your dress, with the added bonus that every last crumb is edible she is as amazing as her cakes and no two cakes ever look the same.  Here are just a few of those fabulous creations.

If you would like more details of wedding cakes or weddings in Tuscany please drop me a line.


  1. Fabulous post!! Nice one jac!!! Brings me back to how wonderful they taste!!! Amazing!! We ate the rest for breakfast the next day too it was too good not to!!!!!!!! Xxx

  2. Hi, I like the look of the colourful cakes. We are getting married near Siena next year, can you recommend anywhere to taste and order wedding cakes?

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