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HewelinJune 26, 2014
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As a wedding planner in Tuscany we're always looking for unique places where you can get married other than the local town hall. Don't get me wrong some of the town halls aren't too shabby  especially when you think of the beautiful Palazzo Publicco in Siena or the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.  Laura and Ben got married just over 2 years ago in Torrita di Siena a small quaint little hill top town about 25 miles south of Siena.  Torrita di Siena also has a famous Palio race in March - the Palio dei Somari which is a rather fun donkey race.

There have been days when I've been there that the only thing you see wandering the streets is a local cat although of course the bar in the centre of town is always a hive of activity!  So if you're looking for a beautiful sleepy Tuscan village with a magnificent place to get married then Torrita di Siena may well be the place for you.

Laura, Ben and I went to the town hall for their pre wedding declaration and when we asked to see the wedding room (the Mayor's office) we were also told that it's possible to get married on the stage in the Teatro di Oscuri which is right next door to the town hall. When the doors we're opened for us to take a peek, as our eyes adjusted to the light each of us gasped in amazement, this small theatre dating back to the 1800s with it's balconies, booths and plush velvet seats all beautifully restored. Laura & Ben decided instantly that they had to get married here, a no brainer really! They decided not to tell there guests and so on the day of the wedding the guests were suitably surprised as the wooden doors were opened for them to go in.

Laura and Ben took centre stage and were married under the spotlights and as they were pronounced untied in matrimony took their first kiss as many leading men and women have done in the past on those very same boards.

After the ceremony we hopped over to the local bar for a few drinks before, Laura and Ben and guests headed back  to the villa they had rented for a BBQ that their friends had organized for them.

Thank you for letting me be part of your special event.

Jackie x


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