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HewelinAugust 2, 2011
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As most of you know by now I have been Tweeting as MarryMeTuscany for a few months now, and although I was very adamantly against it in the beginning, I have become an avid Twitter fan. It has opened up a whole new wonderful wedding world of great people that have great services to offer so much so that I just love to share these great people with you too, on the guest blog this week is the lovely Helen from Zankyou a great company that helps you with....Wedding gift list suggestions for destination couples here is what Helen has to say about this wonderful service that her company offers not just to couples getting abroad but to everyone getting married.

Getting married abroad is becoming an increasingly popular decision among couples in the UK nowadays.

The abundance of resources available for those planning a wedding abroad, which of course includes the help of wedding planners who specialise in destination weddings, means your wedding is more or less sorted before your plane even leaves the runway.

Wedding gifts for couples getting married abroad can still pose a special dilemma, however. Many friends and family members who may not be travelling to the ceremony will still want to give a gift to set you off on your new life together. Meanwhile, your guests will also surely be asking you for details of your wedding list.

While for many couples, the fact that people make the trip is enough of a gift. However, don’t be surprised if your closest friends and family members will insist.

The problem is, you may very well have everything you need and would prefer a little help with your honeymoon. Or, you might like to save up for a new house in a couple of years, instead of being forced to have a housefull of stuff right now!

You’ll also want to avoid having to carry things home after your destination wedding, especially with hefty airline charges for extra luggage nowadays.

So here’s a suggestion for a handy solution...

Asking for cash as a wedding gift has been a growing trend in the UK in recent year, with more couples taking gap years after their wedding and lots having lived together before the big day.

The good thing about money can be used at a later date, it doesn’t have a deadline for use and you don’t have to just spend it in one place.

But asking for money is awkward and putting your bank account details on your invitations is just not the done thing.

Luckily, help can be found on the Internet. There are lots of facilities available online nowadays that let you collect funds for a specific purpose. By creating your wedding list online, you give your guests a platform to make contributions and you get the money transferred to your bank account, to do what you like with it.

That way, you won’t be dragging any toasters home with you after your destination wedding!

To take a look at what’s on the market, just type in “online wedding list” in any reputable search engine and weigh up the results. Check out info on rates, availability of funds and extra planning tools before making your choice.

Helen Jones is the Editor of Zk Magazine, which is part of Zankyou, a company that provides an online wedding gift list service in 6 languages that gives you the full cash

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