This weeks Marry me in Tuscany guest interview is with Dyhan from Rice Butterflies who came up with this unique idea of Eco-friendly confetti in the guise of Rice Butterflies which will WOW your friends and families and also look great in your wedding photos too. The company has only been trading for 3 months but already they are starting to make a storm in the wedding world and couples are starting to choose Rice Butterflies over conventional confetti and I’m sure you can see why.

In Italy there is the tradition of throwing rice at newly married couples (which I think personally must hurt.. a lot!) why are rice butterflies kinder to the happy couple?

Rice Butterflies are kinder because they are tender and soft, they flutter in the air and couples don’t hide from them – they embrace them open heartedly. And they should, because rice represents blessings and good wishes. The tradition is very old, at least 5.000 years and it comes from the oldest civilization on our Planet – the Vedic civilization. It was then passed on to others until today. It’s a tradition all over the World. And Rice Butterflies stick to that tradition 100%.

The colours are quite bold why is that and are you planning on introducing any other colours to the range?

Regarding the colors. I think they are not bold. If you’d hold Rice Butterflies in your hands, you would know why. They are very natural. We’ll add some pastel colors too, in the course of time. We had lots of request for pink and lime colors. By special request we also make them. It’s about time we also add them on our website, I agree.

Where can people buy their Rice Butterflies and what are the delivery times and shipping costs?

People can only buy Rice Butterflies on our website. It takes from 4-9 working days to be delivered anywhere in the world. People usually buy 10 boxes (that’s an average amount from our orders), and the shipping cost for this amount is 19 euros to anywhere in the World.

Are Rice Butterflies kind to the environment?

Rice Butterflies are made from rice papers, rice glue and rice grains. Butterflies’ wings are colored with natural colors. The Box’s labels are printed on non-wood paper with natural colors too, while the round Eco box is made from recycled cardboard. We selected our materials very carefully. RB are totally bio-degradable.

Where is the Rice Butterflies HQ?

Our company is based in SLOVE NIA, which is the only country in the World that has a word LOVE in its name. No wonder Rice Butterflies come from Slovenia!


Thank you Dyhan, for sharing these beautiful rice butterflies with us you can find out more by visiting their website by clicking here.

Rice Butterflies are patented, its trademark is registered.