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HewelinMarch 23, 2011
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As a destination wedding planner based in Siena, Tuscany the internet is essential not only for clients to find me but also for me to find new ideas for my brides, I met Sarah through Twitter and I'm so glad that I did, not only is she a great gal she is the incredibly talented designer of these amazing heirloom bouquets which are a perfect alternative to fresh flowers, a great fashion accessory for any discerning bride and not only is each bouquet unique they will last forever so that every time you look at it you will remember your perfect wedding day in Tuscany. And I know that if you need someone to position your bouquet on the day, Sarah will be only too pleased to come over and help you!

Read on to discover what Sarah says about her wonderful Heirloom Bouquets.

When I started making Heirloom Bouquets I never expected they would be so popular and especially with brides choosing to get married abroad.

Wedding Ideas Magazine says: - We love these Heirloom Bouquets dreamed up by clever designer Sarah Marks at Tiny-Gems. Created from a mix of vintage jewellery, vintage style brooches and earrings and a way of ensuring your wedding bouquet can be treasured forever and passed down through the family.

The benefits of having an Heirloom Bouquet from tiny-gems for your wedding are several

  • You will get to choose exactly how you want your bouquet to look and therefore be able to tie it in exactly with your colour scheme from a lacy collar and ivory ribbon handle to scarlet and everything in between.
  • You will have a lasting treasure to keep forever of you wedding day and pass down to your children in years to come.
  • We can tie in matching jewellery and headbands not only for you but also for your whole wedding party.
  • By asking both sides of the wedding party for a couple of family pieces of jewellery (brooches, earrings etc) we can incorporate these into your bouquet and therefore make it a true family heirloom and talking point.
  • Consider having brooch buttonholes for the Mother of the Bride and Groom not only to wear on the day but as a gift to treasure.
  • There is no concern of your flowers not being exactly as you wanted them you have complete control from start to finish.
  • In 4-5 weeks you can have your completed bouquet.
  • You get to bring your Heirloom Bouquet home with you from your amazing wedding.

You can contact us via to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation. For a one off payment of £10 we will create a mood board for you to allow you to visualize how your Heirloom Bouquet will look. This £10 will be deducted from the final price of your bouquet.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for your Heirloom Bouquet to be completed if you do require it sooner we will try our best to accommodate that for you.

And to whet your appetite here are some photos of her wonderful Heirloom Bouquets, I'm sure you'll agree that they are spectacular and you can see why I love them!

Photo by Sarah Janes Photography


You can see more pictures and designs on Tiny Gems' Facebook page and you can also follow Sarah on Twitter she will certainly make your day sparkle.


  1. I have just ordered absolutely EVERYTHING 'flower' based from this lady & am very excited indeed to have these on my special day. The pieces will be kept forever from my bouquet right down to the buttonholes and everything in-between, no fresh flowers that last a day, we will have gorgeous jewels that last many lifetimes. I hope the heirloom bouquet will be used by my own daughter one day, then it will truly be an heirloom!

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