When Jo and Dave came out for a visit before their wedding one of the things we had to do was to meet up with the florist and discuss flowers.

Jo’s only request was that we use “Sweet Avalanche”roses, beautiful delicate pink roses (you can see Jo’s and her bridesmaid’s bouquets on the home page). They wanted lots of candles on the tables, two large floral decorations outside the restaurant she left the table plan up to me. They had decided to use the different Contradas (districts) in Siena as the table names .

Having a blank canvas to work with gets the old creative juices flowing, as I have worked with the same talented florists for years once we get going all sorts of ideas come in to play it’s great fun!  So with me translating and all of us throwing our ideas into the ring in two languages  and very little time we pulled some ideas together take made Jo and Dave very happy.

As light was important to Jo and Dave we decided to use square vases on the tables filled with beautiful bouquets of Sweet Avalanche roses  and small pink rose buds placing a delicate string of water lights inside the vases, the lights then reflected off the water, to create height we used beautiful stem glass candle holders with tea lights and brought the whole lot together with rose petals and tea-lights on the table, the final result was stunning.

Wedding Photography Siena - Table Decoration

For the table plan, we decided to follow the design for the two large arrangements which were placed outside the entrance of the restaurant,  but on a smaller scale. We used white branches to create height, small pink rose buds and the Sweet Avalanche roses and some greenery brought it all together.

Wedding Photography Siena - Table Plan

Having bought a poster of the contrada emblems I set about cutting and sticking (good old Blue Peter style, you’ll need a pair of scissors, glue and good quality card) We then hung the table cards from the branches, as the table plan was placed just inside the door we created more atmosphere by adding tea-lights and petals thus continuing the theme.

The day before the wedding, when I popped into see the girls at the florist’s there was a pile of the off cuts of the white branches on the counter “and what are you going to do with these?” I asked Carla. Always one to accept a challenge she created this wonderful effect by draping them over the vase by connecting the branches with pink wire….genius!

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”
 – Unknown

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