Marry Me in Tuscany pulled off yet another fantastic wedding for Carla & Ola at Villa Belpoggio in Loro Ciuffenna at the beginning of June.

As with lots of clients I spoke with Carla about a year before the wedding about her hopes and dreams for her big day, I suggested that she might want to make mood boards of ideas for colour schemes and ideas that she wanted to incorporate into the wedding, much to Ola’s delight Carla took this on board with a passion and probably single handedly kept wedding magazines in business, she literally bought every publication available on the market.

When they came out for a visit we compared mood boards and were happy to see that a lot of the images were the same, which meant that I’d totally understood what Carla wanted. Ola was also happy that Carla recycled a lot of her mags by giving them to me.. 😉 Carla & Ola never missed an opportunity to come over for a visit so I got to know them quite well during the planing process we had food tastings, trips to the florist to discuss flowers, cup cakes and lots of other lovely things that would make their day truly special.

They squeezed in one final visit just before the wedding when they came out for their engagement shoot, a fun morning which you can read more about here. The week before the wedding, Carla & I were on an hourly weather watch, heavy rain was forecast for their big day in fact it was supposed to rain from 9am to 6pm with a storm at just the time they were supposed to get married in the garden. Not good!

Thursday before the wedding we had to decide if we were going with the summer marquees or the rainy one! After much umming and arr-ing we decided that the best option was to have the wet one just in case the weather forecast was right, fingers and toes were crossed that it wasn’t but erring on the side of caution we felt this was the safest option so plan B came into play. With the desire for sun I even employed the help of my lovely Twitter buddies to do the #sundance which always clears those black clouds away and lift the spirits.

The day of the wedding I went up to the villa, at 9am were I was met with clear blue skies and sun and not a drop of rain in sight YEAH! for the #sundance! We decided that the marquee would go up the courtyard between the little chapel and the villa rather than near the swimming pool which was Carla & Ola’s first choice, the weather in Loro Ciuffenna can change so quickly and I  didn’t want to be caught out later without a place for them to dance after dinner without suitable covering.

While the Ola and the other guests hung out by the pool we set to work and the catering boys put up the marquee….

Tuscan Wedding, Loro Ciuffenna

The guests catching a few rays before the wedding

Slivano the chef set to work making the delicious food that they would eat later.

Wedding Catering, Tuscany

Silvano the chef - gets to work

Everything started to take shape, we set up the aperitivo area and ceremony site on the lawn and when a few black clouds appeared and a few little drops of rain we all blew so hard those black clouds had no option other than to just move on. Carla was leisurely having her hair and make-up done with her chief bridesmaid Kelly and her sister Kirby they kept popping their heads out to check on the weather and to see how things were progressing and how the ceremony site was taking shape.

The florists pulled out all the stops and with beautiful acqua roses and lemons created these fabulous arrangements that were to be the key to the wedding site.

Wedding flowers, Tuscany

ceremony flowers acqua roses and lemons

With one of the above arrangements at each side at the top of the aisle we then alternated candles and lemons, with bouquets of acqua roses in square glass vases and a huge arrangement on the fountain completed the wonderful wedding ceremony area, I can’t tell you how relieved I was that the weather behaved itself, we’d designed the wedding site around being outside and Plan B or C (I forget which!) would have meant that we would have had to move the ceremony into the little chapel at the Villa, which would have meant adapting the floral arrangements accordingly, something that neither Carla or I wanted to happen.

wedding ceremony - Tuscany

The wedding ceremony site

At 3.45 Ola and the guests gathered on the lawn to have a glass of pre-wedding prosecco, while Carla put the finishing touches to her make up and put on her fabulous wedding gown and her lovely Jimmy Choos. Wedding Tuscany aperitivo At 4.15 Carla looking absolutely gorgeous made her entrance with her dad accompanied by the harpist, and joined Ola for their beautiful wedding ceremony. And after a short service this wonderful couple were married, and as they left as husband and wife the Tenor sang “Con Te Partiero’ you can see just how happy they were from this marvelous photo. Tuscan Wedding, Loro Ciuffenna, Villa Belpoggio And the sunshine continued to shine while they had an aperitivo on the lawn and photos I moved all the floral arrangements from the wedding site to the dinner area and just before the came to dinner sprinkled the rose petals on the tables and tried to lite the candles but with a wind that had got up just before sunset that was proving to be a no-goer. For the tables, Carla & Ola had chosen these fabulous candelabras interspersed with round bowl vases with floating rose heads and candle holders of various heights to give movement with the lemons and little flags for name places the whole effect was wonderful.

Wedding Flowers, Tuscany

wedding name place ideas, Tuscany As Ola is Swedish, his father and mother welcomed Carla into their family by giving her a rose, a rose for a rose, isn’t that a wonderful Swedish traditon? As Plan A had been to have the wedding dinner up by the pool and then cakes in the courtyard we had to implement plan D, that while we cleared the eating area for the open bar and dancing, Carla & Ola took their guests into the villa for cupcakes, prosecco and coffee, shame I missed that as apparently Carla mentioned me in her speech, one that she’d given to me previously and told me not to read, without my glasses that’s impossible so I still don’t know what she said! Although you can see what she said in her lovely testimonial here.

The lemon cup cakes where delicious, and completely in theme with the wedding, with a White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting and melt in the mouth limoncello centres and topped with butterflies, roses and flowers.

Cup Cakes, wedding Tuscany

wedding cake, Tuscany.

And with the lanterns lite and lots of candles, Carla & Ola came back to the courtyard to dance the night away and as seems to be the case lately there wasn’t a dry eye in the marquee (including me) as they took to the dance floor for their first dance as Mr & Mrs Lindberg.. wedding Tuscany, First dance A truly wonderful wedding for a very special couple who are evidently very much in love, I wish them many happy years together and hope that they’ll come back to Tuscany real soon.

  • photos 1,3,6,7,8, 10, 12, 13 by Lelia Scarfiotti
  • photos 2,4,5,9,11 by Jackie – Marry me in Tuscany Ltd

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