I always receive a lot of emails asking just help with  legal requirements for civil weddings in Italy. The most common title is “Help me!” or “Assistance required for legal wedding!”.  I know that everybody is aware of how daunting Italian bureaucracy can be so this is why I decided to release some infographics about civil weddings in Italy.

Legal Requirements

Let’s start with the most  tricky part. Legal part of papers can be very daunting depending on the place you want to get married. In Tuscany, as in the whole Italy country,  weddings are allowed only in certain places considered as “Casa Comunale ” (town hall building) from the township. But,  some places include nice abbeys, lovely gardens like the Bardini in Florence and beautiful villas in typical Tuscan style. Check with your wedding planner the closest one to your venue and be sure to book an appointment in time for both pre-verbal hearing and civil wedding.

British Citizens

I decided to start with my infographic for British citizens as this is the nationality that I work the most, being my company an english one.  With this infographic I’m going to explain you how to obtain the right papers in time for your special day.

Documents needed are two:

  • a certificate of no impediment
  • a statutory declaration

You must issue one for each of you and both of them have to be legalized before they leave Uk. Consider that the statutory declaration only takes a few minutes to be issued while the certificate of no impediment  normally takes 4 weeks. To this, you have to add the time for legalization at Milton Keynes office.  We advice you to call your wedding planner in advance to book the town hall. Be sure that they send you a written email with the right time of the ceremony in it!!

Assistance for legal papers

Be careful while filling in your statutory declaration. Town hall officers can spend  hours to check your documents and if your personal data doesn’t’ match exactly with these in the passport they can refuse the certificate and ask you to issue a new one! Once you send them please be sure that the mail service you are working with is good and fast in delivery. Always ask for an insurance in case of loss as it happens that sometimes documents don’t arrive in Italy as expected!

Do you live abroad? Ok, this is another chapter of the history, continue following my blog to know more about civil wedding in Italy!