Italian legal requirements

Having to deal with italian bureaucracy is never easy!. Above all when you have to understand their way of work and don’t know a single word of italian….. this is what wedding planners are for. Your wedding planner should be able to guide you through the different steps. She will be precious for obtaining the legal requirements for your civil wedding before the “most important day of your life” gets closer.

I’ve had so many brides panicking after contacting Embassies, Consulates and lawyers. It will take me a full day to write a post so I’ll just tell you about one I had in July. First time Sonia called me I was having another wedding . Of course told her to write me an email as I couldn’t help her in that moment. But I was very curious as she was really crying hard at the telephone… So as soon as I came back home, late night, I had a look at my email and oh my God….! She was  going to get married in 2 months!! They choose one of the most romantic places in Chianti. A church wedding with more than 100 guests and she had just discovered that she couldn’t do it because her husband already got married by the church in LA!!!

She was italian living abroad and her beloved had Dutch citizenship, living in London with her. Unfortunalety he still had not registered his divorce in Italy. Looked like a hard work but at the end and after couple of visits to priests and local Curia office ( the church office dealing with documents in Italy), we were lucky to obtain the famous Dispensa Arcivescovile ( a kind of document issued by the Bishop) in time for the wedding. Of course this was just  the religious side: as they also wanted the wedding to have legal validity she had to go through the Italian Consulate in London to obtain the famous “Pubblicazioni” document and he had to do the same through the Dutch consulate in Rome to get his precious nulla-osta-olanda. Please, if you are thinking of doing the same be prepared to wait a minimum of 1 month. Normally Consular documents can take from 1 to 4 months depending on the country of origin.

Finally we did it!

At the end the Italian Consular section was very kind and they sent all the papers to the townhall in Chianti. They arrived in time for the wedding to take place but thinking about how stressful all the wedding process has been for the poor Sonia.
I’ll highly recommend you to :
1) ask at least 8 months before the wedding what are the documents required for your country;
2) After confirming this with the townhall you are supposed to get married in, ask how much time in advance do they need the documents
3) Investigate very well about the life of you husband to be 😉 This is something that even the best  wedding planner cannot help you to deal with!!!

Lots of love and kisses xx


PS should you have more doubts about legal requirements? My post Legal requirements for civil weddings in Italy is still good. I’m going to write a new one about other nationalities soon so stay tuned!