Wedding in a villa Chianti Classico

Everybody has in his life a certain number of places where you feel like at home: a summer house where you spent holidays when you wee a child, a nice garden where you used to play, a shop in which you only buy a certain kind of clothes ….. well, this wedding reminds me of a lovely period spent in one of the most romantic and lovely places of the world, Chianti also known by the english people as “chiantishire”monika-marcel-1094


It was’t difficult for Monika and Marcel to choose their final wedding venue once they tried the delicious menus prepared from the house chef: from salads made with organic vegetables to pastas and scrumptious meat paired with wine sauce, the coupe was delighted to start planning their dream day at Villa Delia.

The planning task was really easy as the bride already knew how the day had to be : something simple but elegant, in the middle of the country with the closest family and friends. They decided to get legally married in the townhall of Siena, then to have a symbolic ceremony back at the villa. We created a board on Pinterest where we could share ideas with our florist and then the idea of creating some decoration with fruits and flowers for the dinner appeared. It could have not been possible with the creativity of the bride who wanted something elegant and natural, so silver cups and tea pots, lots of season flowers and peaches were the main theme.

The ceremony was in the garden overlooking the valley under the shadow of an old oak tree:

After the ceremony all the people had an aperitif  in the small garden where all the guests enjoyed a glass of bubbles with some tuscan delicacies. The table for the wedding breakfast was set in the same spot of the ceremony with some country lights hanging from the trees: the dancing floor was in the main stables to allow the couple to dance the night away until very very late….! At this time I was luckily at home but I’ll remember this wedding as one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. If you like this wedding and want to see more pics from the talented Rossini Photography  just scroll down!! Ciao ciao Hewelin XXX



Timeline for a tuscan wedding!

For most brides, that long road from the moment he pops the question to the moment you both start planning your tuscan wedding can seem like a never ending one that’s full of tulle, peonies, countless vendors and deadlines. The planning process can be daunting to some and downright horrifying to the procrastinators. This is why the team at Adorn invitations have put together a comprehensive timeline to make your planning just that little bit smoother so keep reading to find out their favourite tips and tricks. You’re welcome girls.

Sort out your budget in the early days and not just your overall figure. Do your research and know how much of your money you want to allocate to every service and vendor. This will be a huge help down the road and ensure that you still have some cash left at the end of all this. Follow this formula for an easy guide –

48 to 50 percent of total budget to reception
8 to 10 percent for flowers
8 to 10 percent for attire
8 to 10 percent for entertainment/music
10 to 12 percent for photo/video
2 to 3 percent for invites; 2 to 3 percent for gifts
8 percent for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator.

Keep an extra 5-10% of your budget tucked away for any extra expenses like reprinting additional invites.
Put your beauty on trial.
Hair, makeup, nails and especially fake tan are important to trial. Not only will trials make sure you’re happy with the final look but it also gives you a chance to experiment with different hair styles, lip colours etc. This will also help you to avoid looking like a tangerine on your wedding day (go easy on the tan.)
Have some fun with your wedding appointments.
Over the year – you’re going to be swimming in appointments. Whether it’s to decide what flavored
filling you’ll have in your cake, tours of potential venues or whether to have fish or chicken – make sure you go into these appointments and have fun! Make a day of it and enjoy the occasions.